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Protect your home or business with a monitored security system from Kelly Electronics

Smart Home Security Systems


Keep your home or business protected with a monitored security system from Kelly Electronics. We offer lower rates and only a four year contract!  Not only are our contracts shorter and rates lower, but we also offer exceptional local service. If you ever need help with your system you can feel free to call us or stop by anytime! 

Live Video/ Door Bell Cameras


Always know who is at your door with a doorbell camera from Kelly Electronics. Know that your home or business is protected with cameras that can be remotely viewed from any of your devices. See live video or view recorded clips with your outdoor and indoor cameras. Call today for more information or for a free onsite consultation.  

Smart Thermostat


Smart Thermostats allow you to have control of your home or businesses temperature, no matter where you are. Save money on your heating or A/C bill by simply setting scenes for your thermostat on your phone or computer. Smart Thermostats are easy to use, save you money each month, and allow you to easily schedule and take control of your homes temperature. 

Smart Door Locks

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Add even more security to your home or business by adding a smart door lock. Remotely lock and unlock your doors. Get alerts whenever your door is opened or closed. Create, reset, and change key-codes anytime from your phone or computer. You can now have complete access to who enters your facility and when they enter.  

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